For payment service providers

Boosting your payment processing capabilities

Grow your buisness, enter new markets and offer new products with the payment tools and data that can back you up.

Moving you beyond legacy

Heavy, dynamic regulation and old legacy technology shouldn’t stop you from moving as fast as the market does.
Our range of payment processing solutions were designed to:

Reduce your time-to-market
Suit the ever-changing needs of the EFT industry
Save on development costs
Safely scale your operations
Make sure you are always compliant and protected

Supporting your
innovation pipeline

Gain a competitive edge and stay innovative with our sophisticated EFTHub:

Enjoy open banking

Participate in the API Driven community and open up opportunities and collaborations with FinTech players.

Offer new insights

Use the data warehouse solution to gain new insights or sell reports/data management services to your clients.

Become data-driven

Use purchase data and analyse it to make data-driven decisions, monitor fraud, enhance your direct marketing and more.

Lead the curve

Implement any new payment methods and functionality, regardless of platform, use case, need or message type.

Enable cyrpto

Allow for POC and test strategies in the new digital DLT/Crypto/Blockchain world.

Become cloud-native

Deploy your system in virtually any preferred cloud design and enjoy a faster way to add value to your organisation.

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Making it work for you

All of our payment and testing soultions are designed to help you move quicker and stay safe:


Lego-like modular architecture enables you to pick the right modules or logic, and constantly add new payment services.

Easy to implement

A JSON API interface enables easy integration with other systems, and being written in C++ means it’s easy to move quicker with very little coding.


Shifting the implementation logic from developers to business analysts, who can organize components based on data insights and business needs.


Accepting virtually any incoming financial or non-financial message, it helps you authorise, settle and clear any type of payment request.

Always on

Guaranteed high service availability and consistency thanks to dual site model = Active:Active option.


Ready to take on a growing number of online transactions and ensuring you are ready for pick season.

Ensuring you are always compliant

We are certified by:

ISO 9001, 27001 & 20022
PCI DSS Certified
SWIFT Partner
Thales Accelerate
Symantec Code Signing

Skip the expensive fees, gain back control, and deliver faster results

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